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Rooms with a view

Rooms with a view  through the lense of German Photographer Menno Aden, by installing his camera on the ceiling of different rooms, he’s been able to capture different amazing views of several Berlin interiors.

IAD Student Street Style

7×7 Magazine spotted IAD student Cristina Ziegler  and was  featured in the magazines “Street Style Report” IAD Loves Fashion and we would love to see more of your style, share with us your favorite school Fall looks  at To read Christina’s style interview click here

Save the Date!

Retail Design

Properhair Salon in Newport by Cole Barnet Interiors

Futuristic Vacation City

South Korea Plans Futuristic Vacation City… South Korea had begun creating a mega city for wealthy vacationers complete with malls, a marina, hotels, casinos, even a Formula 1 race track. 8City, as it’s called, will cost an estimated $290 Billion to create and is certainly a look towards the future.

Flower Parade in Zundert, Netherlands

Sculptures Made of Flowers Bloemencorso, A Flower Parade in Zundert, Netherlands

Living Seating

The Garden Furniture Recicle project by Kevin Hunt known artist and designer who uses recycled objects to create new and enticing works of art. Hunt stuck grass seeds to the old wood surfaces and took care of them until they grew.

Caves of Porto Cristo in Mallorca

Check out this interesting bar in the Caves of Porto Cristo in Mallorca by A2arquitecto. The counter of the bar is the most important element of the project, is fitted into a concrete cavity made up of straight lines, designed to contrast with the organic forms of the cave and can be closed under a […]


KLEIN BOTTLE HOUSE by McBride Charles Ryan Architects images © John Gollings