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Handy Umbrella

We have been having really nice weather here in San Francisco, but the rain will be back this week…so check out the Handy Umbrella from our friends at What would you rather hold on a dark and stormy night? The Starkweather Hand Umbrella is  luxurious and ergonomically designed—offering a reassuring hand to hold onto […]

Chic Halloween!

Happy Halloween We put together a few of our favorite “interior design” halloween spaces. Get a few ideas, from black crows and dripping candles, to an actual Louis Ghost chair by Philippe Stark. Enjoy!

Evolving Workplace

Volunteers Needed!

Halloweek Blood Drive

Alice in Wonderland Interiors!

A Japanese based company Nando, has designed a very creative and unusual climbing wall for a fitness club in Tokyo’s fashion distric. The design is based on Alice in Wonderland story, the wall is equipped with mirrors, frames, bird cages and flower vases. Would you climb this wall?

A Bookstore Made in Heaven

Architects Merkx+Girod were in charge of this amazing bookstore in the Netherlands for the Dutch booksellers Selexyz Dominicanen. The project was to turn the interior of a former Dominican Church into a modern bookstore, the store demanded 1,200 plus square meters of commercial space where only 750 were available for use. Take a look at […]


A or B?

We <3 Staircases

Staircases to inspire anyone…