Monthly Archives: June 2011

Time to Network!

The San Francisco IIDA City Center is having a wonderful networking event July 12th. This is for all students and recent grads to welcome them to the industry. For more information on the even visit IIDA

Going Tribal with Ikat

Ikat, or Ikkat, is the method of weaving that uses a resist dyeing process similar to tie-dye,The dye is applied prior to the threads being woven to create the final fabric pattern or design. Even though we have seen this exotic looking print inspired by African and Indian cultures since last season, we are watching […]

No wire hangers ever!

Industrial designer Joey Zeldon came up with a very innovative idea, the “Coat Check Chair” the design simply uses the plastic hangers and the steel bar from a standard closet and creates a unique chair from those elements. The chair can be used  in anyones home or even in a retail environment to maximize the […]


Here at IAD we were more than excited when we found out that Kevin Isbell, a graduate from the Academy of Art school of Interior Architecture and Design, was featured in Traditional Home for his work in the Hampton Designer Show house 2010. Kevin earned degrees in both Business Management and Art History at Ohio State […]

Design Guild SF

Design Guild SF is a collective studio where designers and small firms from a variety of design disciplines gather to share resources, ideas and inspiration. It’s a great space to collaborate and be surrounded by creative  and talented people. Learn more about Design Guild SF here: DesignGuild

In living color

 Five  living rooms filled with color that will blow your mind away! Don’t be afraid of using color and experiment with unusual combinations, keep in mind that color dictates the mood in a room.

Rococo with a twist

We found an amazing company called Rococo, based out of Mexico, they  intend to support art and Mexican talent, they are reinventing the way we look at antique furniture, by giving it a more contemporary look with a mix of Mexican textiles and graffiti art. Their concept comes from the idea of creating unique pieces with […]

Flowers are Nature’s Interior Designers

Making a space uniquely yours is all about the personal touches that you make, it could be in your home or in a hotel, flowers always bring life and beauty to a space, they have always been associated with human emotions and science has proven the positive effect they have on human beings Nowadays we […]

Angels that Design

Following the steps of design festivals in San Francisco, Miami, New York, London and Tokyo, Los Angeles  Design Festival, continues to grow with the support of the design community. The annual festival includes a  series of  events from architecture tours, open studios, lectures, exhibitions to showroom events, from June 16 to June 30 the city […]

Home Chic Home

William Sofiel the co founder of “Aero” and later on of “Studio Sofield”,has been behind the dramatic but exquisite interior design of the Gucci group while fashion designer Tom Ford was the creative director of  the Italian brand. Sofiel and Tom Ford met at Aero were the interior designer impressed the fashionista with his glamorous designs. […]